My ten-day tour with See Nature's Fury was undoubtedly the best adventure of my life so far, and an exhilarating experience that I can't wait to do again! Everything was super easy to book and arrange, with Arron going out of his way to answer the questions I had prior to booking. Pick-up from the hotel on the day of arrival was timely and before you know it, you're being whisked through the beautiful Colorado landscape to get positioned for the first days' chase! The chase vehicle was extremely comfy and packed with everything you could need, from strong WiFi and USB charging points, to cold drinks and space for your stuff. We stayed in a range of hotels and motels (the cool 1950s style motel in Liberal is an SNF favourite!). Each and every one had a comfy bed for getting some quality rest between the long days on the road. The actual chases were incredibly fun. While my tour was light on tornadoes (not at all the fault of SNF, just the weather patterns), it was far from light on spectacular supercell thunderstorms with epic structure, INCREDIBLE lightning shows and stunning scenery. The guys are incredibly skilled and experienced at what they do and I could tell this form the start, be it their pinpoint forecasting skill and targeting of an area to head to, or the way they know exactly how to stay just ahead of massive supercells to enjoy them through their lifespan. Everything is done with safety in mind and I never felt in danger from the weather. Most of all, you're given so much time to gaze up in awe and take the time to appreciate a monster storm as it approaches you with its beautiful structure, ominous hail roar and mean green tint! Arron and Dave were even willing to drive us right up into the heart of Wyoming in search of storms in the last few days of the tour. While these didn't quite come off as we hoped, we had an amazing day or two of sightseeing nonetheless, as we climbed higher and higher into the mountains. By the end of the 10 day trip, I had seen 8 states, been a passenger for more than 5,000 miles, and had the time of my life seeing the amazing weather and scenery on offer! I can't wait to go back and my choice to do so would always be See Nature's Fury!

Lance M, IoW

"Having storm chased with the guys previously under a different setting, I knew what they were about. When the opportunity came to join them on a much smaller trip in 2018 I jumped at the chance! I'm so glad I did as the trip was amazing! I did some video work for the team and am looking forward to getting back out there again in 2019."

Stu S, Brighton

"I headed out with See Nature's Fury for 3 weeks of storm chasing in 2018 and wasn't disappointed. This is one of the best trips I've been on and the team were absolutely brilliant! We were able to move quickly when needed and they got us up close and personal with all the storms we chased. The icing on the cake was the stunning tornado in Kansas, which we watched from start to finish!”

Ty B, Manchester

"I joined up with the team for a few days storm chasing in 2018 and enjoyed every minute of it! I loved being in such a small group and how mobile we were able to be. The team are a great laugh and are very professional in what they do. This made the tour even more enjoyable. I am counting down the days until I can go back out again!”

Kerry M, Birmingham

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