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See Nature's Fury Storm Chasing Tours


We’re a group of like minded storm chasers from the UK intent on seeking out the most amazing weather and natural events around the world. From Supercells, Aurora, Eclipses and Volcanoes, we want to see it all!

With several trips already undertaken, there are many more planned for the future!

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We currently offer storm chasing tours to Tornado Alley and are available for bespoke trips covering all aspects of natural phenomena.

Having been involved in large tour groups, we have learned that bigger isn’t always better. By limiting the number of guests on our tours you’re guaranteed our full attention, meaning we can be more efficient with fewer stops and shorter waiting times.

We are able to dedicate time to you, to help educate and answer any questions you may have as well as help you with all your photography and videography needs.

Good things come in small packages!


Our team have decades of storm chasing experience between them. From forecasting, navigating and all technical aspects of storm chasing, we have experienced it all.

Along with this, we have also completed several successful trips Aurora hunting in Sweden and Finland.

In 2017, we held our first scheduled monsoon storm chasing trip in Arizona before moving on to Wyoming for the total solar eclipse.

This was a huge success and we can’t wait for the next one!

Current Tour Availability for 2023

Due to the current global situation with COVID-19, we have taken the decision not to run group tours for this coming 2022 Spring. See Nature’s Fury will be heading out though, so be sure to follow our adventures through our social media.

We’re currently working on dates for 2023, where we hope everything with be back to normal! Please get in touch with any enquiries.

What The Guests Had To Say

Our Team



Having almost a decade of storm chasing experience with a tour group as a driver, tech head and right hand man, Arron has seen a lot of what’s on offer. In 2016 he founded See Nature’s Fury and has since run successful tours storm chasing, monsoon and eclipse chasing as well as outstanding trips to Sweden and Finland to chase the northern lights. Arron is setting his sights on more adventures in the future!



Dave is a bit of a geek when it comes to all things natural catastrophe related. He's been heading across the pond to Tornado Alley every year since 2010, and as well as storm chasing in the Midwest he has tracked down the aurora in the Arctic, witnessed a total solar eclipse in Wyoming, climbed several volcanoes and chased the monsoon in the desert South West. A hurricane intercept and a volcanic eruption are still on the bucket list! Day to day he works in the global re/insurance industry managing Natural Catastrophe Risk. He is looking forward to guiding you on your See Nature's Fury adventure!



Stu is a keen weather enthusiast and has countless years of weather knowledge. An established weather forum member and keen photographer has led Stu on many adventures and he began storm chasing in 2007. He’s a whizz when it comes to all things animated and graphical and we’re looking forward to seeing what he’s going to produce for us in the future.

"The weather will do what the weather will do..."

Tom Lynch, Storm Chaser

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We are keen to work with everyone in the media. If you require an interview or need content, then we can help! We have recently worked with Audi UK, ITV and various other media outlets in the past including: BBC News, Sky News, ITV, CNBC, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and various weather documentaries. If you are interested in licencing our media, organising bespoke trips or want to conduct an interview then please get in touch.

Bespoke Trips

Bespoke Trips

Along with our scheduled storm chasing tours, we are able to cater to whatever your needs are. We cover all kinds of natural events so please get in touch with your requirements!



With many years of photography experience between us we are able to offer photography tips and tricks during your trip with us. We will also endeavour to answer any questions you have.

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